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The Newest Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy in Lhasa, Tibet

12 February 2021 last updated at 10:58 0 Comments

Tibet Travel Permit, also known as Tibet Entry Permit or Tibet Visa or Visa for Tibet, is the required document paper for international travelers and Taiwan passport holders to Tibet. Before you go to Tibet, we need to help you apply for Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.

However, the Tibet Travel Permit application policy changes from time to time. We will continue to update the latest Tibet permit application policy on this page. Sincerely hope you pay attention to this page or consult our travel consultant for your Tibet permit application.

The Real-time Updating of Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on Jan.1st, 2021

According to insider news, Tibet tourism will reopen for foreigners in mainland China from this April.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on Jan.27th, 2020

Due to the impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the application of Tibet Travel Permit was temporarily suspended by Tibet Tourism Bureau since Jan. 27th, 2020. 

From Jan.28th, all the travel agencies need to cancel the ongoing tour groups and let travelers leave from Tibet earlier than original schedule.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on Sept.1st, 2019

During these period, there is a wide spreading rumor about the Tibet permit closure in late September and early October. According to our permit application department, Tibet permit application is normal and we have got the primary version of Tibet permit for some groups in late September. When you get uncertain news, please feel free to contact us.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on May 28th, 2019

According to the current permit application regularity, now average Tibet permit processing time is around 8 working days for normal Tibet tours. If the Tibet itinerary covers Mt Kailash and other remote regions, then it may take around 15 working days, which was shorten by 10 - 20 days comparing to last year.

Currently there is a special requirement to apply for the Tibet Group Visa if you are entering into Tibet from Kathmandu, it should have at least 5 people who are from same country in the group to apply for Tibet Group Visa.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on Feb.27, 2019

According to the official notification, we can apply for the Tibet permit for Tibet tour in this March. But in the same group, travelers need to come from the same country. If you are planning to come to Tibet this March, please try to contract with us as soon as possible.

This is the first time in recent years that foreign tourists can travel to Tibet in March. In March, it is famous for Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival which will be held from March 25.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on Oct.18th, 2018

Generally, Tibet Travel Permit application process takes more than 15 working days. If your Tibet tour itinerary include some restricted regions like Mt. Kailash, it needs extra permits and takes more than 25 working days. But now winter is coming in Tibet and Tibet tourism industry is getting lower, so that it only takes around 8 working days recently.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on March 7th, 2018

Tibet Travel Permit application this year is back to normal again and all the permit application documents start to submit to Tibet Tourism Bureau soon after the Tibetan New Year which was from Feb. 16th. All permits can only be for Tibet tour in April.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on March 19th, 2017

Tibet Travel Permit application is available again. Foreign travelers can start Tibet tour since April 1st, 2017, but need to confirm Tibet tour at least 10 days in advance to make Tibet permit application.

Tibet Group Visa Application Policy Update on Jan.9th, 2017

Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal has announced a new restrictions for Tibet Group Visa for 26 different countries, so travelers from these countries should obtain the Chinese Visa from the Chinese Embassy in their home country. Those 26 countries are 1. Pakistan, 2. Bangladesh, 3. Sri Lanka, 4. Afghanistan, 5. Azerbaijan, 6.Lebanon, 7. Syria, 8. Iraq, 9. Iran, 10. Kazakhstan, 11. Kyrgyzstan, 12. Tajikistan, 13. Turkey, 14. Uzbekistan, 15. Albania, 16.Democratic Republic of Congo, 17. Ghana, 18. Cameroon, 19. Kenya, 20. Libya, 21. Mali, 22. South Sudan, 23. Nigeria, 24. Somalia, 25. Tunisia, 26. Chad.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on March 14th, 2016

Tibet tour will be reopen from early April. But this year, after several conferences among the government level departments, Tibet permit application for April groups can be applied from March 7th which is almost 20 days earlier than previous years. So it is a great sign of good permit policy. If you are planning your Tibet tour, you can start to book a Tibet tour and no worry for the permit issue.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on Aug.28th, 2015

In last week, Tibet Tourism Bureau had a meeting and announced the Tibet permit application policy in September: there is restriction from Sept. 3rd to 11th, as it is the 50th Anniversary of Tibet Autonomous Region. So all the Tibet tour groups between the above period need to either postpone after Sept.12th or rearrange Tibet tour schedule to stay out of Lhasa city during that period.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on May 8th, 2015

After the Nepal was hit by the deadly earthquake on April 25th, Tibet Travel Permit  for EBC and Mt.Kailash regions was closed for few weeks by concerning the safety. Today, Tibet Tourism Bureau announced that Kailash permit is already reopened but EBC permit is still closed.

Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy Update on March 23rd, 2015

Tibet Travel Permit was closed from Feb.10th which happens every year since 2008, Tibet Tourism Bureau has announced this morning that Tibet permit application for April would start from March 23rd and it is much earlier this year compare to the last few years. Now if you are planning a Tibet tour in early April, you can complete the booking and we can apply for Tibet permit.

The Ultimate Guide of Tibet Travel Permit Application Policy

1. Who needs to apply for Tibet Travel Permit for Tibet tour?

According to the regulations of China National Tourism Administration (Now: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China), the listed below persons need to apply for Tibet permit before traveling to Tibet:

1) International tourists, such as USA citizens, Australia citizen, Canada citizens, Singapore citizen,etc.
2) Overseas Chinese with no China’s ID Card or Chinese passport
3) Taiwan citizens

2. Who does not need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit for Tibet tour?

The listed below persons do not need Tibet permit:
1) Chinese persons who hold China’s ID Card or Chinese passport
2) The residents of Hong Kong and Macau who hold This Card is Intended for Its Holders to Travel to the Mainland of China (Chinese: 港澳居民来往大陆内地通行证) , abbr.: Home Return Permit (Chinese: 回乡证)

3. Who can not get Tibet Travel Permit via travel agency?

All Tibet local travel agencies can only help their clients who only have the Tibet travel purpose apply for Tibet permit from TTB. The listed below persons can not get Tibet permit via Tibet travel agency:

1) A diplomat, journalist or a government official can not get Tibet permit via Tibet travel agency. Only the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office can handle your Tibet Permit application.

2) Indian citizens, who go to visit Mount Kailash or Lake Manasarovar or other parts of Ngari in western Tibet, will be treated as pilgrims, you need to book your Tibet Kailash tour and get Tibet permit via a Nepal travel agency or India travel agency that has cooperation with Foreign Affairs Office of TAR (governmental) or Pilgrim Center (non-governmental), short for Tibet-India pilgrim Reception Center.

4. What documents do travelers need to offer to travel agency when applying for Tibet permit?

For different passport or visa holders, you need to offer the different documents.

1) For foreign personal passport holders, such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia citizens, you will only need to offer the scanned PDF file copy or clear and complete picture copy of personal passport and China tourist visa (also knows L visa because the type is L).
If you hold X visa, you need to offer passport, X visa and additional study proof.
If you hold Z visa or China residence permit, you need to offer passport, visa or permit and additional work certificate or Foreigners’work permit.
If you hold Q2 visa, you need to offer passport, Q2 visa and additional invitation Letter from relatives.
If you hold APEC card, you need to offer passport, APEC card and additional work certificate.
If you hold other visa, you need to consult your trip advisor which additional certificate or invitation letter.

2) For Taiwan passport holders, you are Chinese and holding This Card is Intended for Its Holders to Travel to the Mainland of China (Chinese: 台湾居民来往大陆内地通行证) , abbr.: Home Return Card (Chinese: 台胞卡or台胞证). You will need to offer the scanned PDF files or clear and complete pictures of Taiwan passport and the Home Return Card.

In addition, when applying for travelers’ Tibet Travel Permit, travel agency also need to prepare other documents, such as reserved itinerary, guide and car & driver’s information.

5. How long do travelers’ need to offer these documents to travel agency?

Usually once you confirm your Tibet trip with us, we request you to send us the clear and complete scanned copies or photos of your passport and Chinese visa in advance by email as it is required to apply for Tibet Permit.

It is better to send at least 20 days prior to your travel date. After the permit is issued, we will send a copy of permit or original permit to your hotel in mainland China.

6. How long does it take to apply Tibet permit in advance?

According to the current policy of Tibet Tourism Bureau, Tibettourism can apply for the Tibet permit for you, all the permit application need about at least 8 working days and documents should be submitted at least 15 days before your Tibet tour starting date. But if you are traveling into restricted areas, such as Ngari Kailash region or Nyingchi Bomi region, you need more additional permits and documents which will take longer time.

7. How much is travelers’ Tibet permit application cost?

Tibet Travel Permit is free of charge by Tibet Tourism Bureau. You can also see “No Commission Fee” words on your Tibet permit when you receive it. But during the permit application process, your travel agency need to spend much human and material resources. Therefore, you will be charged some fee, which is usually included in your Tibet tour cost. It is known that Tibet Travel Permit is free in tour cost inclusion part.

In addition, your Tibet permit can not be applied separately . That is to say, you do not book Tibet tour with travel agency, and travel agency is unable to apply for your Tibet permit from TTB. If some one says that he can help you apply for Tibet permit with some money and let you travel alone into Tibet, it is cheating.

8. Is Tibet Travel Permit enough for all Tibet tour destinations?

No. Tibet Travel Permit is your necessary Tibet entry paper. If you just have a visit in Lhasa city, to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake, or to Namtso Lake via Damxiong, you just need Tibet Travel Permit.

If your Tibet tour covers special tour destinations, such as: Basumtso Lake in Nyingchi, Samye Monastery in Tsedang, Everest Base Camp in Shigatse, you will need additional Aliens’ Travel Permit.

If your Tibet tour covers further tour destinations, such as: Bomi region or Ngari region, you will need additional Military Permit.

However, you don’t need to worry about getting these permits because we will help you get them properly during your Tibet itinerary.

9. Is it OK that the validity period of applied Tibet permit is longer than travelers’ Tibet travel time?

Yes. Usually, we make validity period of your Tibet permit application 2 to 4 days longer than travel date, in order to give travelers a chance to add tour destinations temporarily or change Tibet tour itinerary in case of emergency.

10. Can travelers apply for Tibet Travel Permit in their country?

No. Tibet Travel Permit is only issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. In other cities or countries, there is no the institution to issue travelers’ Tibet permit.

11. Can travelers apply for Tibet Travel Permit by themselves from Tibet Tourism Bureau?

No. The Tibet permit application documents can only be submitted to Tibet Tourism Bureau via travel agency who was filed in TTB. TTB does not accept traveler’s permit application. Travelers are unable to apply for Tibet permit by themselves.

Unforeseeable Events When Applying for Tibet Travel Permit

When there is a major conference, a social and public health event, an important political event or any indication of political or social unrest, the TTB may not issue Tibet Travel Permit. All these are the problem out of our control. Therefore, we can not guarantee that you will get the Tibet Travel Permit in time under those circumstances.

Moreover, both of us can not predict when it will happen. Please do understand and take it into consideration when planning your trip to Tibet. When it happens, please get the accurate announcement from us and the government. However, there is no need to worry too much because it rarely happens.

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