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Kailash Tour Service Fees: Ticket, Porter, Groom, Horse, and Shuttle Bus

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Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake Entrance Ticket

Except for Tibetans, you need to buy Holy Mountain and Sacred Lake scenic spot tickets. The ticket price is 300 Yuan. They can be purchased at the ticket office at the beginning of Kailash Kora. On the way back to Darchen, there is a spot check for tickets. The validity period marked on the ticket is 3 days. If you plan to stay longer and make a few more koras, as long as you keep the ticket, even if it exceeds the validity period, the staff from the Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd will usually allow your passage.

The Road of Kailash KoraThe Road of Kailash Kora

Kailash Porter, Groom, and Horse Riding Service Fee

Services such as porters, grooms, horses, and yak transportation to the Mountain Kailash are operated by the Gang Rinpoche Zhuanshan Tourism Service Company (formerly Gangsha Village Yak Transportation and Tourism Service Center) in Gangsha Village. The company office is located on the west side of the first floor of the Business Center (Darchen Tourism Service Complex).

Porters, grooms, and horses can be booked by travelKailash in advance. Gangsha Village manages the porters and grooms in a unified manner. If you hire the unregistered porters and are found on the way by the staff, you will not be allowed to leave, which will affect your travel itinerary.

Porter Official Price in 2021:

Porter: 990 Yuan/Kora, the time limit is less than 3 days, if it is extended, it will be calculated as 330 Yuan/Day.


Most porters can only speak very limited English, and usually, they just carry the luggage all the way silently. Don’t expect them to be your tour guide.

Generally, porters walk faster and sometimes would leave you behind. Thus you’d better carry the small items that you need to use at any time by yourself or require the porter not to be too far away from you.

Some porters who want to go back earlier will urge the guests to trek quickly to finish the kora. If your body is unfit for it, you can explicitly refuse and continue to follow your original plan or rhythm.

So I recommend you travel lightly to Mount Kailash. For most guests, porters are not necessary. You can consider whether to hire them according to the actual situation.

Groom and Horse Official Price in 2021:

Groom and Horse Riding: 2370 Yuan/Kora (790 Yuan/Day, including horse and groom fees). The starting point for horseback riding is Sexiong which is 6 kilometers away from Darchen, and the end point is Zongdui which is 4 kilometers away from Darchen. In addition, the 3 kilometers downhill route from Zhuomala Pass is dangerous. You need to dismount and walk, and then you can continue riding after reaching the valley.


Unless you are particularly unsure of your physical fitness, there is no need to ride a horse at the beginning. You can try to trek 20 kilometers in the first stage to Gangjia/Drirapuk Temple, where you can rent a horse if necessary.

The local horse of KailashThe local horse of Kailash

Kailash Environment-friendly Shuttle Bus Fee

Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd does not allow outside vehicles to enter the range of Kailash Kora (Kailash and Manasarovar Scenic Area) but provides the shuttle bus service for two sections before and after the kora, which is called as the environment-friendly bus.

Environment-friendly Shuttle Bus Official Price in 2021:

Darchen to Great Prayer Square: 60 Yuan/Person

Zongdui (the last supply point on the kora, about 4 kilometers away from Darchen) to Darchen: 50 Yuan/Person.


The shuttle bus can pick up and drop off guests from hotels and guesthouses.

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