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Recommended Tibet Tour Packing List - Tibet Travel Necessities and Optional Items

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When you are packing your luggage for a tour to Tibet, you may feel helpless and have no clue. In Tibet, most of the time is fine with comfortable temperature and fresh air, but sometime changeable. So you will need to make some preparation.

This article will tell you what you need to bring when you are travelling to Tibet.

Basic and Essential Packing Lists

1. Documents and Money

1) Passport and China Visa: Put your original passport and China visa in handbag or backpack because you will use them several times when checking in airports, hotels, site entrance, etc. Prepare the copies of your passport and visa for emergency.

2) Tibet Travel Permit: Take care of your original Tibet travel permit before handing it to your Tibetan tour guide. After you use it to check in at airport or train station to Lhasa, put it in your backpack or trunk.

3) Cash or Bank Card: It is better to prepare some cash in advance though RMB cash can be withdrawn from ATM in Lhasa. You can change your money to RMB at airport or hotel.

Tour Packing List

2. Clothes, Shoes, Bags and Trunk

1) Thermal Underwear: At daytime it is a little hot but it is cold at night.  

2) Thick down jacket or windproof and waterproof coat.

3) Windproof and waterproof pants.

4) Sports footwear or waterproof and thermal shoes.

5) Breathable and thermal socks.

6) Thick hat: A hat not only protects against the wind, but also protects your face from ultraviolet rays.

7) Gloves.

8) Scarf: It will be useful to wrap yourself around and also to protect your throat and nose from the dryness.

9) Sunglasses: You need to protect your eyes from the strong sunlight and ultraviolet light.

10) Handbag or backpack: it is convenient for you to pack the necessities when travelling to tourist sites.

11) Trunk: pack your clothing for this long-distance Tibet journey.

3. Personal Items

1) Toiletries. Hotels offer toiletries.

2) Facial tissue and wet wipes galore.

3) Facial Cleanser and Lipstick.

4) Camera or video camera: Take it with you so as to record the beauty of Tibet at any time.

5) Moisture and sunscreen: Because of the intense sunlight and dry weather in most areas of Tibet, moisture and sunscreen can effectively keep you from UV radiation and effectively keep you from the sun burnt.

6) Phone and card with international roaming service.

Optional Packing Lists

1. Clothing and Goods

1) T-shirtsor quick-dry and breathable underclothing.

2) Sweaters. 

3) Hoodie, fleece, long sleeve jacket or windbreaker:

4) Sports pants

5) Snacks and dried fruits: Pack some snacks or buy some local snack foods and fruits on the way to make your journey more enjoyable.

6) Sleeping bag: (able to buy in Lhasa.)

7) Water Bottle.

Tibet Tour Packing List

2. Medicines

Please note: Consult with your doctor prior to leaving as some tablets need to be taken pre-trip.  During the trip, if you have any health-related concerns, you should go to hospital or clinic and ask the doctor.

1) Berberine, Yimengting, Modelin: for gastrointestinal discomfort.

2) Common Coldrex:

3) Ibuprofen sustained-release capsule: for fever and headache caused by altitude sickness.

4) Diamox or Gaoyuanan or Hongjingtian:for acute altitude sickness (able to buy in Lhasa).

5) Quick Acting Heart Reliever: for an emergency

6) Diphenoxylate: The meperidine congener used as an anti-diarrheal

7) Vitamins


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